Feeling pretty ugly. Like, sorry if you take offense to that. But I’ve been eating junk lately and my clothes are getting tighter and I honestly just want to snap my fingers and make my stomach flatter and even my face is getting a bit chubby…. When you’re used to looking a certain way, and learning to love how you look a certain way, its hard when the way you think you look good is gone….if that makes sense. Like, I still love my body or whatever, but still…just not feeling sexy because of it and zero people on this planet think I’m attractive so whatever. I feel like I have a life preserve around my stomach. I’ll just crawl in my covers and never come out. I like being attractive, and I’m sorry if you think thats superficial but I honestly don’t care. I like fashion and feeling attractive in my cute outfits and atm I don’t feel that way at all. Just had to rant. I apologize.